A Ministry of Hope

imageSometimes life gets difficult, and difficulty is dealt with in different ways. Some turn to anger and abuse, some turn to drugs and alcohol. Some feel helpless and alone and just want the pain to go away. The speedbumps in life we all face don't have to be dealt with in these ways. Our ministry is here to help you reach out to God and let his message of hope and grace enter your heart. No one should have to tackle life's obstacles alone. We are here to help you overcome the challenges that drive people to abuse and addiction with the caring and compassion that Jesus has shown. Whether it's temporary housing assistance for a woman who is being abused, or counseling for a young man who is stuggling with a drug addiction, the message of God's saving grace is there for you, and we'll be there for anyone in need.

Our message is simple, God is the answer to all of life's situations, and our mission is to use God's word to bring peace and happiness to the lives of those in need. We are here to help all persons of any race, nationality, social and economic status, sex, or religious affiliation, to be healed of their addictions and life struggles. Our ministry will provide food, clothing, travel, and follow-up care thoughout the entire treatment process. From beginning to end, we will be by your side with the care and compassion needed to overcome any struggle. God is on your side, and will be there for you when you need his saving grace!